Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell is a camerman based out of Atlanta, GA who is dedicated to the art of story-telling and science of technology that allows us to do so. While attending filmschool at Georgia State University, Chris had the rare opportunity to work on many studio films with a variety of award-winning cinematographers, directors, and actors. There he crafted his skills of lighting and more importantly, the art of painting with shadows. It was in these years that Chris watched and learned how to model and mold light as a part of the story-telling process. In seven years Chris worked on over 35 feature films, including films such as Zombieland, The Expendables, W., and Fast Five holding positions such as Key Grip, Best Boy Grip, Dolly Grip, or Gaffer. Before joining the International Cinematographer’s Guild in 2009, Chris stayed close to the camera learning camera movement from pushing dolly and operating cranes. Since 2009he has worked primarily as a Camera Operator, a Steadicam Operator, and a Director of Photography. In these years Chris developed further his knowledge-base for visual story-telling through industry experience in the camera department. It is his goal and effort in every project to make the camera a character in the film. His art is to use the camera work and lighting to both mold and reflect the emotion, energy, and intent of the scene and ultimately the story.
While spending years working studio pictures in the lighting and camera departments, Chris has always stayed in touch with his love for independent cinema. He co-DP’d and his first indie film in 2005 (Blood Car), was the Lighting Designer for the 2007 Sundance Film Festival favorite, The Signal, DP’d his second feature in 2007 (Dangerous Calling), and has shot many short films, music videos, television pilots, and other projects since then. Working full time as a Steadicam Operator/Camera Operator allows J. Christopher Campbell the rare freedom to pick and choose projects as a cinematographer that are visually dynamic and stylistically engaging.