Director’s Statement

You know how people drive like they’re on dope, but you know most of them aren’t, but you wish they were so then they would at least have an excuse for how crazy they drive? That is the sort of thing Fun World is made from.

Around thirteen years ago I bumped my head and began having terrifying visions of the future. I began writing these visions down. I figured the best way to warn people about the future was to present it in a way that they could understand – in an audio/visual medium. A few friends, colleagues and other people I didn’t know banded together to help me in my endeavor to spread the word. And here it is. Fun World. And it’s all true.

I didn’t really bump my head. Well, I might have but it didn’t make me have visions of the future. I made Fun World up. But it is somewhat based on personal experience and science fact. So it could happen if we let it.

Don’t do it.

Love, Barry Mills