Producer’s Statement

At a time when the current media culture is chock full of mind-numbing reality TV, sensationalized news stories, mediocre talent competitions and recycled crime shows comes Fun World, an inspired offering from master mind Barry Mills, creator of Rudy and Go-Go’s World Famous Cartoon Show. Fun World not only explores the comedy of dystopia, but also employs mesmerizing visual aesthetics, a unique narrative structure, and a distinct humor towards crafting a terrifying, hilarious and fascinating universe. It’s begging to be explored, laughed at and feared.

Here the viewer is provided a premonitory glimpse into the not too distant future, where the U.S. government has merged with the largest media conglomerate in the world. What follows is somewhat of a bureaucratic nightmare, revealing a host of characters that share a reality that’s more like a surreal fever dream, where someone is always watching and happy endings are few and far between.

To create this absurdist projection, we’ve culled together an amazingly talented cast and crew based out of Atlanta, Georgia. All parties involved in the production are passionate about their craft and generously lend their skills and expertise to the project. What has resulted is a gorgeous bit of storytelling that speaks to innate desires and fears within us all, but does so in a teasing, darkly comedic manner allowing laughter to wash away the fear and leaving the audience asking for more.

Barry Mills, Julie Mills, Drew Sawyer